Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bunnies in My Room!

(Possible Restock SOON)

Bunnies in My Room!



Bunnies in My Room!
Bunnies in My Room!
Bunnies in My Room!

Too cute for words and pictures,
this is one that you must see in picture
to squeeeel for joy!

The perfect decoration for a Bella Lolita's room.
Simple yet sweet to the core,
these bunny hooks can be used simply
to add touch to a simple room
or you can use it to hang your accessories,
green shopping bags, towels or even pajamas on the door!

Imported and truly one of a kind,
nothing like those knobbly ones you find at Ikea
or other furniture stores,
this is unique and truly pretty!

Sold in an inseparable pair of
1 white Bunny
1 black Bunny

Nose to Tail
approx 12.5 cm
Ears to end of hook
approx 19 cm

for a pair of 2 bunnies

(RM10 will be charged for postage as it will be wrapped
with extra paper and with care to avoid any damages)

each piece is unique and hand crafted individually so
there will be slight flaws and no two exact photocopy pieces.
we also previously mistakenly marked it at rm85,
better news, it's cheaper instead!!!