Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pretty Pleasures (Collection 1)

ONLY Pretty Pleasures 1 and 4

Pretty Pleasures (Collection 1)



Pretty Pleasures 1

We simply adore this TWO piece outfit.
Studded Peplum skirt & Floral Sewn-on tank top.

It's such an excuse for a great buy due to its diversity.
Wear this two pieces together or wear them both separately for
any day of the week!

Available in Blue & Black
(1 set of each colour only)

Size 6-12


*DEFINITE steal for a 2 piece outfit*




Pretty Pleasures 2

Cropped knitted cardi that has cutesy little bows on both sides.

Not too thick of a material to make you sweating inside,
but also just thick enough to keep you from feeling chilly.
Perfect for that little cover-up!

Available in Cream & Black BOTH SOLD

Size 6-10

RM25 each


Pretty Pleasures 3

*uniquely exclusive*

This is sure a Floral Power Suit!

Wear this gorgeous jacket over a casual outfit of jeans and a tank top.
Or dress it up over a sexy slinky little black dress inside.
Whatever your choice of styling is, you sure won't go wrong with this
amazing piece of MUST-have!
Made out of thick quality cotton.

Size 6-12


(One piece only)


Pretty Pleasures 4

Pretty Floral Belts with gold linings.
Stretchy to fit any size at all!

Black - SOLD
Cream - SOLD

Free size
RM22 each

ONLY Pretty Pleasures 1 and 4

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