Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Fantastical Update


Your Royal Highness
Lady Bug Spots
Kitten Mitten
A Fantastic Lace Dress
Fantastic Cropped Denim

Hi Hello Hi Ho!

A Fantastical Update
as promised is here for all you lovely darlings!

All items are limited and in 1 piece quantities
unless stated otherwise, so please no back-out buyers!
Reservations for this update is only until Monday 11.30pm.
This means, payment must be made by Monday 11.30pm or
your Fantastic items will automatically
go to the next waiting buyer.

With all that stated clearly, again...
we would like to wish all of you
a Fantastic time shopping with us at
Bella Lolita!



Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Fantastical Bow Clips

In a Set of 3, this cutesy lil bows are the perfect
accessory to cheer up any outfit.
Pin it anywhere from your hair to your bags to your blouse.
Super cute is all there is to it!

Each Bow approx 2.5 inches

Available in:
Set 1 - SOLD
Set 2 - SOLD
Set 3 - SOLD

RM24 per set of 3


Your Royal Highness

This earrings is all royalty.
With gold imprints of a king,
wear it and feel like you're
ruling the World!

Size approx to a 50 cent coin



Lady Bug Spots

Kitten Mitten!

Cute lil zipper purses to store that extra change,
receipt, lip balm, cards etc?

Approx length 5.1 inches
Approx height 4.5 inches

Available in:
Lady Bug Spots
Kitten Mitten

RM19 each




A Fantastic Lace Dress

This gorgeous piece of baby is made of hard lace
with a zipper at the back.
Comes with a FREE black satin sash.
Looking for the perfect simple dress for the perfect date?
This is it!

Size S
Approx length 30.5 inches
Approx chest 17 inches
Size M
Approx length 30.5 inches
Approx chest 18 inches

Black - Available S RESERVED & M - RESERVED
Cream - Available S only



Chain link necklace

Chunky quality chain link necklace.
Want to make a statement?



Padded Shoulder Linen Blazer
*Uniquely Exclusive*

This is an amazing piece.
Made of quality cotton & linen, it's collar is lined with gold thread
and we're super loving the structured padded shoulders.

Plus to top it all,
there's a FREE gorgeous Sailor brooch that can be attached
to the collar or anyway you want!

Size 8-12



Light Denim

Dark Denim

Fantastic Cropped Denim
Don't you just love these denim jackets?
The shoulders are structured to give it that puffy effect
and there's the FREE studded diamonte brooch that
is detachable to it!

Available in:
Light Denim - AVAILABLE
Dark Denim - RESERVED

Size 6- 10



Light Baby Pink

Bright pinkish red

Fantastical Pearly Cardy

What's not to love with this lovely selection of cardis!
Cropped to perfection, it has little lace around the scallop collar
and cutesy sewn on baby beads in the front
that looks like lil pearls on mini bows.

Sewn on good quality knit,
this is a no regret buy and perfect to wear over
to the movies or even inside the cold lecture halls of School!

Available in:
Light baby pink - SOLD
Bright pinkish red - SOLD

Size 6 - small 12



Fantastic Twiggy Dress

SupaDupaLove this dress!
Another 1 piece only by Bella Lolita,
it's colour is super sweet and perfect for the weekend.

Isn't the oversized bow just super adorable?!?!?!?!
Good quality and with cutesy orangey buttons.
Loves it!

Size 6-10





Fantastical Audrey Bags

One of Bella Lolita's personal favourites!
Only one piece in each colour,
this lovely structured bags can be hand carried or
even sling over the shoulders!

With it's lovely shades of purple or light pink,
it goes well with pretty much and outfit!
Best of all, it's simple, versatile and unique in
it's very own way.

Length approx 12.5 inches
Height approx 11 inches
Width of base approx 4.3 inches

Available in:
Pink - SOLD
Purple - SOLD

RM 89


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