Monday, April 12, 2010

Cotton Carnivale

AVAILABLE 2 & 3 only

AVAILABLE 2 & 3 only

AVAILABLE 2 & 3 only

Cotton Carnivale.

Code: Cotton Carnivale 1

Cotton Candy Carousel

With Bambi, Unicorns, Little Bunnies &
other magical creatures,
what's not to love with this sweet pea baby tee.

Size 4-8

(thanks felice)

Code: Cotton Carnivale 2

Bambi Lovers

Come Out and Play with Bambi and friends.
Sweet pastels of blue and pink to make
you squel with glee!

Size 6- small 10


Code: Cotton Carnivale 3

Bunny Galore

If counting sheeps won't help you sleep,
this tee probably might!
Cute as can be this pink fun-filled
bunny tee is cute to the core.

(Comes with free detachable candy striped bow -
as shown below)

Size 6- small 10