Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fit For A Princess!

Fit For A Princess

Fit For A Princess

Super gorgeous heart jewellery case with a handle
to store all the daily needs of
a modern day Princess!

Big and spacious enough to fit all your
priced possessions, from your diamond tiara,
necklaces and rings, and even your make up accessories!

It's a double layered box to make your
heart make a double beat!
Made of sweet pastel coloured material,
the washed off pink gives it a very vintage feel and
even the insides of the box is lined with pink material,
this is a MUST HAVE for all you Princesses.

(including Poslaju)

(sorry there was a price error, it's actually cheaper now YAY!)
It's a rather steep price i know but it's a true gem.
Only available in 2 pieces and NOT restockable,
so it goes to whoever who confirms and makes payment first.

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