Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's always about ME! (Part 1)

It's always about ME!

Hey lovelies,
Welcome to our collection of
'Its always about ME! (Part 1)'
Statements pieces that you will want to own.

Don't forget to click on the pictures
to view them on a larger scale!

We hope you'll love this collection as much as we do.
Have fun Lolitas!


(Non Restockable)

Super-sized Bow Tee
Super-sized Bow Tee

You are sure to make a super statement with this one!

It's simple and yet fabulous.
Seriously, is there anything more to say?

Awesome 100% high quality cotton and a super-sized bow that is simply Ooh-La-La
Only 2 pieces available.
Free size
size 6-12

RM43 each
1 - SOLD
1 - SOLD

:: Note ::
Check out below the many styles you can dress-up this tee with.


Vintage VanessaVintage Vanessa

This lovely coloured polka dot skirt is funky and yet easy to wear.

It a pocket on each sides and best of all, it is 100% vintage!
Made of Polyester, Cotton and Elastane.

size 10-small14
(not suitable for petite lolitas. sorry!)



Button Me Candy Cane Skirt
Button Me Candy Cane Skirt

This skirt is uber sweet and cute.
The colours are so beautiful and compliments each other so well.

If that's not enough of a reason for you to grab this skirt quick,
it's also designer piece. DKNY! *gasp*

This means, one piece only.

size 8-12

(for our petite lolitas this skirt will fall on hips,
for our upper size lolitas it will fall on waist)



Zig Zag MeZig Zag Me

Made in USA

This skirt is a must have!
90% polyester & 10% spandex,

it's so comfy and flowy you wouldn't want to take it off.
Plus it comes with an attached silver buckle. Yay!
size 6-12



Girly Me
Girly Me

I simply adore this gorgeous orchid print mini skirt.
It's colours are so sweet and the material of this skirt is so soft and beautiful.
The bottom is frayed intentionally and you can even tie a ribbon with the strings on the side.
Brings out the girly-ness in you!
100% cotton
40cm waist/hip
32cm length



All Around Chained Leather Headband

All Around Chained Leather Headband

Hand made headband from faux coloured leather.
This is just another Bella Lolita's one-of-a-kind gem to offer to you lovelies!

Only 1 piece available

(including shipping)

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