Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweet Cravings

Sweet Cravings

We told you Bella LoLita will satisfy those late night cravings for something sweet!

We've got pretty dresses,
sweet blouses,
cutesy heart tutus,
much much more sweetness to love!




Sweetness 1

Hand sewn prints of little birds and florals.
What's not to love?

It's waistband even has colourful stitches
and this lovely skirt is stretchy to fit all sizes.

100% superb cotton
100% superb quality

Size 6-14



Sweetness 2
Sweetness 2

Stripey candy-coloured long tank tops with buttons down the chest.
Sweet and simple.
What's more to describe?

100% superb cotton quality

Size M fits 6-10

Only available 1 in each colour



Sweetness 3
Sweetness 3

*Uniquely Exclusive*
This lovely dress is made of the finest lace material.
We promise you the quality of the material is simply divine!
You have our word.
It even has an extra lining inside.

It's such a magical dress.
So pretty and simply sweet.

size 6-small 12

RM65 - SOLD Thanks Suki! (:


Sweetness 4

Sweetness 4

Heartsy Mini Tutu Skirt!

This is such a sweet little piece of item that I believe every girl should have.
Look at the sweet hearts and ribbons all around the skirt!
It's a staple piece cause it's just too sweet and cute to ignore.

Free size
Size 6-12

(limited pieces only so hurry!)

RM38 -2 sold, 1 available


Sweetness 5
Sweetness 5

This is a vintage blouse that is just too adorable.
It has hand sewn flower prints sewn on both sides of the sleeves,
and even the back too!

size 8-12

RM35 - Pending Haneeta.

"Trying" to be sweet - Belts

"Trying" to be sweet - Belts

We found these studded beauties and we just had to get our hands on them!
It's time to bring some colours into our studs and rock them the sweet way.

Belt - purple (1 sold, 1 available)
Belt - black
Belt - blue

(Available 2 of each colour)


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