Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sweet Surprises!

Hi sweets!!!

Thanks so so much for all your emails.
We know we have not updated much until recently with our Imported Tote bags.
And all of them went off really REALLY quick.

We truly appreciate the love and for those we did not manage to get their hands on the tote,
we're really sorry.

We would love to bring in more but our dear friend who is lugging it back from the States especially for us already has an over-flowing luggage.

So we truly apologize for not being able to cater to all of you!

On the other hand, we have GREAT news.
We've managed to get our hands on some super gorgeous vintage
MINI luggage box sets.


They are all fully imported!!!

*Uniquely Exclusive*

Here's just a little peekaboo on what it looks like.
Further details such as measurements and prices will be updated real soon!

So, keep a lookout Bella LoLita lovers.


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